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Chicago Target store on the verge of opening

Chicago shoppers will have access to another Target on March 17 when a new location will open in the city’s northwest side Portage Park neighborhood, reports local news affiliate NBC 5.

Chicago now has 88 Target stores, and the one that will power up on Sunday is 44,000 square feet, about average for a city location. Full-size Target locations are about 130,000 square feet, and “small-format” CityTarget stores are roughly 40,000 square feet, but can be as small as 15,000 square feet or less, according to the retailer’s website.

Target said the store will offer a “unique shopping experience” tailored to the needs of the Chicago community.

The store comes with a CVS pharmacy, Ulta Beauty, and a Starbucks. Drive-up and order pickup services will also be offered.

The Target is located in a former Sears building which is part of Chicago’s Six Corners Economic Development Master Plan — a development launched in August 2013. The aim of the plan is to revitalize one of Chicago’s oldest and, according to the city, “most important ”neighborhood shopping districts.