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FDA: Nagpur: FDA raids sweet, snack makers ahead of Diwali | Nagpur News

NAGPUR: The food and drugs administration (FDA) has undertaken a stringent drive against substandard and adulterated food materials, especially sweets, edible oil, namkeen, ‘mawa’ and ‘khoya’, as the festivity around Diwali is setting in.
With sweets and snacks beginning to form a big part of socializing, city gastroenterologists also sounded a note of caution against overeating, and consuming foods compromised in quality and made in unhygienic surroundings.
FDA assistant commissioner Abhay Deshpande said around 16 sweet shops had been inspected in the city so far as part of the drive. “11 sweet shops were found violating the FDA instructions of using the ‘best before’ label on each tray. Fines of Rs30,000 were collected from six shops, and another five were referred to adjudication by the joint commissioner,” said Deshpande, adding that the samples were sent to government analysts for examination.
FDA also inspected around seven edible oil manufacturing units. “During our action on the edible oil makers, we have seized around 15,000 liters of oil worth Rs 22.5 lakh. “We have also inspected five factories making namkeen and served them with improvement notices under Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006,” said Deshpande.
Urging citizens to be cautious about food quality this festive season, Deshpande said FDA’s campaign against adulteration, spurious colors, substandard materials and spurious raw materials would continue. “If the collected samples are found unsafe and injurious to health, imprisonment up to three months and fine would be imposed. If substandard material is found, the adjudicating officer can slap Rs 2-5 lakh fine depending upon severity and profitability,” the FDA official added.
Meanwhile, gastroenterologist Dr Rachit Agarwal said quantity and quality of food must be wisely chosen during Diwali. “Use of certain types of oil and fat can aggravate cholesterol. “One can develop fatty liver too due to overindulgence and poor quality of food, apart from gaining weight which can affect one’s lifestyle,” he said.
Dr Agarwal added that issues like acidity, bloating and flatulence may crop up. “In general, adulterations trigger toxicity in the body over the long run,” he said, adding that home-cooked sweets are better than purchased ones.
Another gastroenterologist Dr Samir Patil said excess of sweets can cause diarrhea due to high protein and milk content. “Reflux symptoms with heart burn, bloating, belching, acidity, vomiting and so on can increase,” said Dr Patil, adding that high fat and salt content in namkeen are harmful, if it is consumed in excess.
Dr Patil suggested keeping antacids handy during Diwali, but added that prolonged uneasiness should be referred to doctors.