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Is Temu your new go-to shopping app?

With the rising cost of living forcing more shoppers to hunt for discounts, Chinese bargain shopping app Temu has become a force in retail.

Temu, with its “Shop Like a Billionaire” tagline, was the top free iPhone App of 2023, according to Apple. It has a 4.6 rating from 48,000 reviewers.

Selling everything from appliances and clothes to toys and home goods, the online marketplace has built hype and lured shoppers with its low prices, free shipping and free returns within 90 days.

Owned by Chinese e-commerce site Pinduoduo, Temu launched in Canada in February and soon became one of North America’s most downloaded free apps on both the App Store and Google Play.

But its competitive prices—which Temu attributes to “a streamlined supply chain that eliminates middlemen and their costs”—have raised questions from industry observers and cybersecurity experts about whether consumers are trading discounts for lower quality, cybersecurity and privacy risks. Others are also worried about Temu’s effects on local businesses and its potentially unethical and unsustainable business practices.

According to a US Congressional report in June, “there is an extremely high risk that Temu’s supply chains are contaminated with forced labor” from China-based sellers, The Associated Press reported.

Whether you’re a consumer or local business, if you’ve bought products from Temu or have opinions about the new bargain shopping app’s impact in Canada, CTVNews.ca wants to hear from you.

Have you bought from Temu and what do you think about its products and services? Did you buy more from Temu than from local shops or other online platforms for your Christmas gifts or for shopping in general? Is Temu your new go-to shopping app or do you prefer other online shopping platforms like Amazon or physical stores? What concerns, if any, do you have about Temu’s products, services and effect on consumers and businesses in Canada?

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