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Makro owner Massmart launches one-stop online shop for businesses

Makro has launched an online B2B platform.

Makro has launched an online B2B platform.

  • Makro has launched an online business to business store.
  • The company said it aims to provide a one stop shop for businesses facing similar economic challenges to end consumers.
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Makro owner Massmart has launched an online store for businesses of all sizes which are facing “similar economic challenges to end consumers”.

Makro already has an online shop for consumers, but the newly launched Makro Business platform has been created for business purchases.

Businesses often use a wide range of suppliers for their products. Makro Business will make a wide range of products available for business procurement on one platform.

Justin Hawkins, the vice president for Business to Business (B2B) e-commerce at Massmart, said that the Makro Business platform would provide a “one-stop procurement experience”.

Hawkins said that Makro had service experience with a wide range of business customers including corporates, schools, hotels, restaurants, garage shops, franchise stores, and independently owned retailers.

The company said the platform was available for businesses of all sizes.

To ensure reliability and trustworthiness, real-time background checks and business verification are performed during the sign-up process on the platform.

Businesses who trade on the platform will be given preferential pricing on products related to their business, and have access to a 0% interest Makro trade account.

Makro will allow for products to be picked up or delivered.