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NEWS VIDEO Behind the Scene BTS Filming Indonesian Online Shop Advertisement

TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – Behind the Scenes BTS filming an Indonesian online shop advertisement, Kim Taehyung makes other members laugh.

The behind-the-scenes video of making an e-commerce advertisement starring the group BTS was finally released on Wednesday (8/1/2020).

There are many interesting things behind the making of the BTS advertising video.

Especially BTS Jimin’s adorable behavior during the commercial shoot.

This video opens with the production crew preparing on the shooting location.

Then one by one the BTS members showed the bridge of their noses.


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Jin was seen greeting the entire production staff in a friendly manner by bowing.

When filming started, Jimin seemed unable to stay still and calm like the other members.

He was so enthusiastic about dancing while showing funny dance moves.

While giggling, Jimin looked like he was enjoying his own world.

It didn’t stop there, Jimin also played pranks on his stylist staff.

When his hair was about to be done, this 24 year old BTS member slowly stepped back.

He seemed to be trying to avoid the female stylist staff.