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TikTok Shop: A safe, entertaining haven for online customers

US TikTok Shop transforms the product discovery process for customers, ensuring transactions are secure and sellers are trustworthy remains a priority.

As a rapidly expanding e-commerce platform, TikTok Shop empowers local brands and merchants to creatively amplify their social presence and forge genuine connections with shoppers through livestream sessions and creator collaborations. One of the key factors behind its continued growth is the building of trusted communities where users can discover new products safely.


Last year, Singapore witnessed a 74.5 per cent surge in reported cases of e-commerce scams, with numbers rising from 2,729 in 2021 to 4,762 in 2022. One prevalent scam involves false advertisements for products that were not delivered after purchase. Fake buyers have also duped sellers into entering their banking details on spoofed websites. This has led to sellers’ information being stolen and money drained from their accounts or credit cards.

While no platform is completely safe from malicious actors, TikTok adopts a zero-tolerance, proactive governance stance against fraud. The platform’s automated moderation technology identifies and removes content that violates its e-commerce policies. It also removes content that exploits users’ trust for personal gain and bans repeat offenders. In-app reporting tools also make it easier for users to flag potential scams.

The e-commerce landscape evolves rapidly, so it’s important to react swiftly to potentially concerning situations. TikTok’s team of experts efficiently investigates issues related to sellers, listings and content, creators and intellectual property rights infringement (such as counterfeit goods), as well as instances of fraud.

The platform also participates in International Fraud Awareness Weekand has launched its #BeCyberSmart campaign to educate users on protecting themselves from scams.


To protect against the rising prevalence of industry-wide e-commerce scams and ensure a safe shopping experience on TikTok Shop, the platform has several recommendations.

First, make payment via TikTok Shop. If a TikTok Shop seller requests that the payment or transaction process be completed on another platform, that should raise a red flag. Such requests may indicate an attempt to sidestep TikTok Shop’s built-in safety measures, including its secure payment processes.

Don’t be motivated by FOMO (fear of missing out) on a time-sensitive deal. Conduct thorough research, including looking up customer reviews, especially if the price of an item is significantly lower than elsewhere. Customers can also look forward to a new 100% Authentic tags that TikTok will be rolling out in the coming months. The platform is working closely with sellers to help them apply to have their products backed by valid brand documentation.

Bargain-hunting can be fun but it’s best to be wary of deals that seem too good to be true. TikTok recommends users verify discounts by visiting the original brand website of the TikTok Shop seller. Use the platform’s built-in search engine, instead of clicking on unknown or suspicious links.

Additionally, familiarize yourself with the platform’s policies to understand your rights and available options. Whether you’re a seller or buyer, being aware of rights related to payment redirection or accurate product descriptions can help protect you. The TikTok Shop Academy’s Policy Center is a comprehensive resource for beginners seeking information on these matters.

Users can also contribute to a safer community by reporting any suspicious accounts. When users flag illicit activity on the platform and report it under Frauds and Scams, TikTok can act immediately against malicious actors and protect the TikTok Shop community. After all, it is through collective efforts that we can help maintain the safety of our digital spaces, even in the face of scammers lurking on the Internet.

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