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Was Kate Middleton Really Spotted at a Farm Shop?

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For weeks now, the public has been speculating wildly about what the hell is going on with Kate Middleton, with each of the Palace’s updates less convincing than the last. This weekend, another suspiciously cheery report arrived courtesy of The Sun, which claimed Middleton was seen browsing at a farm shop near Windsor Castle over the weekend. According to the tabloid, she and William were spotted near their Adelaide Cottage home watching their children “take part in sports,” and also swung by Windsor Farm Shop, a grocery store and café on the castle grounds.

Store customers speaking with The Sun apparently described Middleton as “happy, relaxed and healthy.” One alleged eyewitness, who admitted they were “stunned” to see the couple, recounted the visit in this very normal way: “Kate was out shopping with William and she looked happy and she looked well. The kids weren’t with them but it was enough of a good sign that she was healthy to pop down to the shops.”

Though it seemed odd that no one managed to photograph this highly anticipated sighting, footage of their outing arrived Monday afternoon when TMZ published a video one customer says he took from inside his car. The clip — which TMZ claims to have validated the legitimacy of via metadata — shows the duo strutting around the farm shop’s outdoor café area in athleisure, casually swinging grocery bags in their hands with nary a security guard in sight. The guy who took the video, Nelson Silva, told the tabloid the couple was “choosing loaves of bread” when it struck him that the woman’s face looked “familiar.” He briefly filmed them before they “vanished” somewhere on the Windsor grounds, although he says he didn’t see a car. “I just wanted to share with my family footage and show just how normal they were,” he claimed. He added, like everyone else who allegedly saw them, that Kate looked “happy and relaxed,” and also “relieved like it was a successful going to a shop.” I’ll say!

Meanwhile, an astoundingly uninformative “friend” of Middleton told Us Weekly that the Princess will “likely be ready to talk about” her health “when she goes back to work after Easter.” Sounds like clarity are just around the corner.

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